Friday, June 26, 2015

Recovery and Travel

After the race weekend we had a few days at home and then off to the next adventure. It was a soccer road trip to watch Mckenna play. Ayden Jane loves 'soccer adventures' as I call them and Grandma even came this time so we were set.

It is an entire understatement to say it was hot. It was crazy hot. It was honestly, unhealthy hot for Ayden Jane. She is pretty used to heat living here in SC. However, if she goes out to play when the temps are in the 90's she doesn't stay out long. She comes in to cool off ect.  On the soccer fields it was 95 plus and we were out there for 2 1/2 hours.... Even in the shade Ayden Jane just melted. 

On the bright side, the times of Mckenna's games worked out so we could go to the Greensboro Science Center. Ayden Jane had a BLAST. She is so much fun to take to things because she wants to see, hear and read it all. She even cornered the docent and grilled him with questions. AJ enters the exhibit and goes methodically around. She likes to look for the animals, read the information and notice everything before moving on to the next. It's a stark contrast to taking Noah when he was little. His method was more in the, look at that - zoom.  Look at that - zoom. In 3 minutes, all done!

Since we have been back Ayden Jane has shown some signs that she is struggling a bit to recover. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, she had pneumonia and then ran 5k and then went on a road trip. I also think the heat really ran her down. Today it seemed like she finally regained her energy. We will return to running next week and settle into summer!!!

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