Thursday, March 17, 2016

Eye Check-up

Yesterday we headed down to Storm Eye Clinic for our 6 month check on Ayden Jane's eyes. There was good news, but not exactly the news Ayden Jane was hoping for.

The good news is that the doctor was very pleased with improvements. Ayden Jane's right eye has some strabismus and turns in toward her nose at times. We have noticed this happening much less when she does not have her glasses on and he confirmed that she is maintaining good straight eyes when not doing up close work. Another improvement was in her depth perception. She has some now!

So, all this and some other things I didn't totally grasp, result in her being able to play with her glasses off more often when she is not using her up close vision. Wonderful news as we head into the summer beach and pool season. Also, just nice to know that it really is okay for her to run with the neighborhood pack, jump on the trampoline and play soccer without her glasses. It's a wonderful thing because her glasses have been left at home during these sort of things a lot lately and I was wondering...

Ayden Jane was hoping that she would get a reduction in the lens prescription. Didn't happen. I'm not sure if it is even in the realm of possibility at this point, but Ayden Jane thinks she can make it happen.

To me, it shows more than just what her eyes are doing. I remember back when she was tiny and all through early intervention. I sort of had the feeling like there was a window of opportunity for her neurological system to fully develop and that if we did not 'catch up' during that time, then it was too late. Spurts like these show me that although as a child ages there is a slowing of some of that sort of growth, it is not an abrupt stop. Ayden Jane's eyes made a significant jump at age 8. That is much older than I expected to continue seeing these sorts of developmental spurts. It seemed to come in conjunction with her improved handwriting and some other minor things. Hooray for neuron growing!

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