Monday, December 26, 2016


The last couple of days of school and the first part of break I gave Ayden Jane NAC. Once upon a time I gave her pharmaNac which is a pill that fizzes in water like alkaselzer. It was a good thing for her and helped in a few areas including reducing the pws pause and a sort of studder she had when younger. The formula of the Nac was changed by the company and it upset AJ's tummy so we stopped. That was last spring...

After chatting with Dr. Miller we decided to give a capsule form of Nac a try. Others have used it with success - although most use it to help with skin picking. It sort of fell in the category of safe and maybe it would help her get over the afternoon lull a bit more smoothly.

What did we notice? I think there was a slight improvement in the fluidity of her words and the quickness of her verbal interactions. You know, a reduction in th pws pause in processing speed. That was the positive side. On the negative side Ayden Jane STUNK. I mean, shower in the morning stinky by lunchtime. I'm not talking a mild odor, I mean no one would want to sit near her sort of smelly. 

Additionally, she was hungry. By 10 in the morning she was already asking if it was lunchtime. In fact, every hour or so she was wanting to eat something. That can be typical with PWS but it is not typical for Ayden Jane. She gained a couple pounds during the week she was on it.

I stopped and within 48 the horrid smell and the hunger were both gone. It is so strange. I asked Dr. Miller if that was a side effect of the NAC and she had never heard of it happening. Well, I guess that's just my AJ. At least she never leaves us guessing as to whether something is effecting her in a positive or negative way.

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