Saturday, January 14, 2017

Winter Challenges

Keeping Ayden Jane in the sweet spot so that she is can do well in school, keep her weight well managed and just be happy over all, (not to mention easy to live with) gets to be a real challenge in the winter months. We are nearing the end of January when she is typically the heaviest, most challenging, lowest tone....

The exercise piece seems to be so crazy important for Ayden Jane. I am not sure what the extended exercise does in some areas but I am sure that it positively effects blood sugar, ketone production and metabolism. It goes like this - when she gets the long walks, the good hard swim team practice, hours at the beach and pool, long sunny days on the trampoline with friends, regular running from training to run a race... you get the picture. When these happen, Ayden Jane is happy, not hungry, thinks quickly, sleeps soundly, learns fast and is just a joy to be around.

When this sort of exercise ceases to happen, her brain gets stuck. She gets a little more hungry. She argues more. She gets a bit anxious. She needs things repeated. It takes forever to do schoolwork. The pace of life slows even though the effort increases on her part. It is frustrating for ALL involved.

In some ways, I think it is good that during this time is when we are seeing Dr. Miller. It reminds me of all the concerns we still have for Ayden Jane. On AJ's part, she notices the difference in her brain running smoothly and not. She gets frustrated by it. She says things about how she does not like having to take her pills ect. EVERY DAY. I think she feels the very real and consistent, daily burden of dealing with a chronic medical issues.

I look forward to the day that she does not feel that burden so heavily.

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