Thursday, December 1, 2011

What Did You Say?

Glad to say that Ayden Jane has continued to be her generally happy self. Looks like we have put this yuck behind us for good. Now, we have to do a bit of food work to get back to our lean self. Ayden Jane is definitely carrying a couple of extra pounds. It does not slow her down and I don't think it is a trend other than from being sick. I do think I need to get rid of them, or at least have her maintain and grow into the extra pound or two. I am not going to do much of anything other than maybe try to cut a few bites here and there for now. Next week we will finally get the chance to test her gh levels... so depending on what happens with that I may change my plan. For now, I am just glad to have my sweet, silly little girl back.

On another note, Gary has been telling me he thinks we need to get Ayden Jane's hearing checked. It drives him crazy how she says what, pretty much every time you tell her something. Thing is, she is saying what before you even finish. Also, I have started to answer the 'what' with my own question. What did I just say? She can 80% of the time tell me what I just said. She has not given herself time to process whatever was said so she is already saying 'what'. But it is not because she didn't hear it. Now as to the processing issue? It may be a bit slow, but I think it is more likely that Ayden Jane has just developed a habit of saying 'what' or 'why' to make sure she stays involved in the conversation until she can form the ideas in her head into words.

The other one with this is the asking repeatedly. For example, she will ask in the morning about what she has that day. The more things listed for the day the happier she is. At some point before we head to school I will give her the run down. We will take this weeks busiest day as an example. Ayden Jane had school, 9-12 then was staying for 'lunch buddies' until two. (Lunch buddies is her favorite thing on the planet) Noah picks her up and takes her home and puts her down for a nap with Daddy (who is already sleeping) When she wakes up she has horses and then this past week we went from horses to Noah's basketball game. As I tell her everything planned she jumps up and down, repeats them... 2 min. later she asks, do I have lunch buddies today? 2 min. later she asks do I have lunch buddies today?.... You get the picture.

So, here is how I have started dealing with it. I will ask her what I told her when she asked the first time. She will answer me with the correct answer. I then tell her she doesn't need to ask anymore because mommy will not change the plan without telling her. She jumps up and down and skips away without asking again.

Not sure that it is totally a PWS thing, but I think a typical 4 year old thing with a dash of PWS anxiety sprinkled on top.

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