Friday, May 1, 2015

Training Update

Ayden Jane is doing GREAT. We are keeping pretty much on schedule and she is now nearly finished week 4 of her couch to 5K plan. It has been interesting to watch her figure this thing out. When she started she would panic a bit about 2 minutes in (with only 5 min run total). Last night she breezed through an 8 minute run and is set to run 9 minutes on Sunday.

The past few weeks have been busy with the end of soccer season and still having swim team training. It's going to work out really well that soccer wraps up this week with practice tonight and a tournament (2 games) tomorrow. Next week she is up to running 4 days a week and with swim team 2 days it will be all we can handle.

I waited to really 'announce' what Ayden Jane is up to because I wanted to be sure she was up for the challenge. She has a tendency to jump in with both feet into really deep waters just sure she can do things. That's when I start to sound like Marlin from Nemo... You think you can do these things Ayden Jane but you can't. When will I learn.

I have gotten better. I don't tell her she can't, I just help her find a way she can. In this case, it has been all about support. Sending pictures to Mrs. Gwyn when she has finished running and knowing that she is helping Mrs. Gwyn by not giving up is one great piece of motivation. Yesterday, when she received Gwyn's training update she said, "could she make it through the whole 8 minutes because she was thinking about me?" Of course I assured her, Yes! (never mind Gwyn is on a mission to get healthy and might be doing a bit of this for E, her own little one with PWS)

So, today we go live in honor of Prader Willi Syndrome awareness month!

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  1. Truth be told, I do think about AJ when I want to stop running!!!! Love that kid!!!