Sunday, May 24, 2015

Training update

My goodness this month is flying by. I guess it always does this time of year with the end of school and start of summer. The beach and pool keep calling our name but we still have that whole school thing to do too...

Squeezing training in has also been a challenge. It is too hot for Ayden Jane to run in the afternoon so running gets pushed to evening - which means after a full day of school and play and ocean... So she is tired. We are in week 7 of training and it has been a little rocky this week getting all the runs in. I'd say we are one behind.  I feel pretty confident that race day she will truly be able to run the first two miles (at her crazy slow pace) but I have no idea what the third will bring. Probably needed more time to prepare but I do know that she will do her best!

It is interesting 'listening' to her run. I think it must a something related to PWS that causes her to have a very uneven gait for the first part of the run. I try to encourage her to just keep a steady rhythm as she runs but she can't seem to turn her legs on autopilot and have them just keep going. Every time her mind thinks of something, or she checks the time... her gait breaks down. A ways into the run she settles in a bit better. I think it likely makes running harder on her body.

I have tried to help her through this but she gets frustrated so she gets angry with me... We should have done a 16 minute run yesterday with a 17 minute run coming today but most likely we will just hit 16 today. Thankfully my mom's community pool is fixed because she has found she really likes running in her neighborhood and then jumping right into the pool. Great plan! It's a 2.2 mile circle so I am hoping by the end of our 'training' we will make the whole loop comfortably and excitement of race day will get her through the rest.

On other fronts, I discovered (quite by accident) that she is still quite sensitive to supplements. Acetyl carnitine is one of the two forms of carnitine I give her. I tried to change how I was giving it to her and without boring you with the details... I was giving her too much. Now, it's not something that would hurt her in an overdose sort of way so no worries there. It does, however, make her brain operate in a state of overdrive! She had a couple days of major arguing and melting down before I realized. It's like when you are way over tired and drink way too much caffeine to compensate so you are absolutely strung out and quick tempered. Good going Mom. (seriously, I had to apologize to the rest of the family because AJ was not fun to live with.)

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