Saturday, February 20, 2016

Local Endo

This week Ayden Jane and I made our semi annual trip to see her local endocrinologist, Dr. Clark. She is pretty awesome. We had already done blood draws and knew levels looked good so that was out of the way.

She did the quick back check and all looked well.

We did height and weight. I was sort of dreading that because AJ is still sporting 2 of the 5 pounds she gained while I was away. I have no worries about it as she is slowly but steadily shedding the weight, but I knew that we would be plotting along the growth charts... The good surprise is that she is still tracking right along!

The shocking surprise is they measured her at 54.9 inches!! She is nearly 4'11". That just blows my mind.

Dr. Clark checked her bone age with a hand x-ray. We do this annually. Back when she was so sick for the winter just after she turned 4 her bone age accelerated. At one point she was nearly 2 years advanced which is not good. Basically, it just means that she would stop growing earlier than typical and therefore lose some height in the end. Since that time, her bone age has been slowly correcting. She is now a bit under a year advanced for bone age which falls within typical.

Dr. Clark used bone age, current height... to predict her final height. She told Ayden Jane that she would be 5'6", about the same as me. Ayden Jane told her, "oh no. I am going to be as tall as my sister Kayla." I think she has taken it as a challenge.

Ayden Jane was great. She chatted and showed off her improved writing skills. It is so fun to watch her show just how typical she is to Drs./people who have experienced a very different version of the syndrome. They just love listening to her and watching her and hearing about how great she is doing in school.

We are very lucky to have such a great Dr. not too far away. She is interested in Ayden Jane and learning from her and from Dr. Miller and using that to help other patients. Yep, hooray for smart, humble, compasionate and open minded Drs. 

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