Sunday, June 5, 2016


I have no idea how it is June already. The end of the school year always seems to ramp up the level of busy and stress - good stress - but none the less stress. It's just a flurry of excitement and celebration.

We do have a lot to celebrate as far as school. Ayden Jane's last nine weeks was her best and she had all grades in the 90's. She was so proud of her honor roll certificate and the accomplishment. I can honestly say that this year, we took the hard line as far as grades for AJ. She got exactly what she earned, and she earned them without the need for academic support in the special needs classroom. She started the year still a bit behind the other students in a few areas, but finished the year right on par. Writing is a great example. She struggled with even the formation of the letters and spacing of writing at the beginning of the year. It was very hard to read and very hard for Ayden Jane to do. By the end of second grade her handwriting looked like a different child's handwriting. It comes fast as she is writing and spacing is much more natural to her.

I did not realize during the time, just how stressful the end of year is for her. I mean she loves it and all the May Fest and end of year parties and thank yous and homework free nights... but it is had her wound pretty tight.

Ayden Jane loves school so when she asked if she had to go the last 2 half days I said no. She had already completed her work, had her end of year party, awards ceremony... She was done. For the kid who has perfect attendance most every quarter, to ask to stay home really says something.

The last day we went to the beach and she played in the ocean for hours. Wore herself totally out, had a mini melt down and slept. And slept.

On Saturday, Noah took her to Ripleys Aquarium as a sort of end of year treat, although mostly because he just hasn't had a chance to hang out with her since he has been home. Mckenna went as well and the all had a great time. It was so freeing for me because they drove off and I knew I wouldn't get a call, she wouldn't come home with something else to do, I didn't need to worry about food, I wouldn't have to watch the time so I could pick her up... Noah had her.

So here is to the first official days of summer break. Lots of beach/ocean time, pool time, playing and sunshine. Ahhhhh.... just feel the relief.

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