Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Oh Summer

Today's activities were brought to you by summer. At 8:30 Ayden Jane and I went running. It was and easy run, but she rocked the pace. She is doing GREAT. The neighbor kids have joined her on her mission and even though they can't really keep up, all are having fun and Ayden Jane is very motivated by having them join in the fun.

After a bit of cleaning and summer assignments, we ventured off to the library. That sounds all mellow and calm, but when Ayden Jane and I go to the library, we bike there. It is a bit over 4 miles. Her friends wanted to come to so I grabbed a backpack filled it with 3 water bottles, pumped up a few tires, sent Ayden Jane back home for shoes (that's a recurring summer theme...) and off we went. 

It was truly an adventure. Ayden Jane can really go and she was our leader. I know, that sounds a bit frightening. She honestly did a great job though. She has learned how to slow down as she approaches driveways ect and of course, stops at true intersections. One of her friends was right on her heals and the other was lagging... a lot. So I took third slot, and kept my eye on the leaders and tried to be the link with the lagging one. I will be honest, there were a few tense moments as the leaders got a bit far ahead ect... But all in all they did great.

We got home in time for a late lunch and just before the thunderstorm came crashing down. The kids played inside until it was time for Ayden Jane to go to swim team. That's right. She followed up her morning run, bike ride to the library with swim team practice. Oh how she loves summer. The evening included playing with Noah, walking and washing the dogs and a rousing game of jenga with Dad. The grand finale was reading one of her hard earned library books before bed. 

Whew. Asleep around 9:30 but we all know she will be back up at 6:00 ready for action! But will I?

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