Thursday, February 8, 2018

Getting Better

The new food routine is definitely helping. Ayden Jane says she is powered through and doesn't feel bad at all during school now. Yeah... That's how it's supposed to be kiddo. Sorry. Still amazes me how she just accepts things sometimes. I mean, who accepts that at this school I feel bad everyday around 11:30 or so....

She is much better after school too. I think the constant stress on her system each day was making her more worn out in general. She finally got back to running and did a great 1/2 mile. I'd say it's the first successful running since before she got sick prior to Christmas.

She is doing some crazy "throwing up" thing at school. It's bizarre. I don't think it is real throwing up, as the photo evidence I have requested looks mostly like chewed up food that was spit out. I was thinking maybe she was trying to get out of something at school. You know, trying to get me to come pick her up. When I asked her, she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Why would I want you to come pick me up? I love school."

So, what is the motive? I still have absolutely no idea. I just told her that if she can successfully eat at home and everywhere else on the planet I expect her to chew her food and swallow at school. No more wasting everyone's time with this nonsense.

We will see if that works. It's crazy. I mean, what kid with PWS chooses to spit out food?

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