Thursday, August 30, 2018

Grade 5 off to a Great Start

We are 7 days into the new school year. Ayden Jane is confident and happy and learning. Whew!!!

K-3 were such amazing years. There was struggle for Ayden Jane and much to overcome but she was supported in all the right ways and each year brought many moments of joy and much for her to be proud of.

Grade 4 was rough. I honestly did not write much because I did not have a lot that was good to say. Something in the combination of personalities at school, the transition to a new school, me going back to work and who knows what else made for a train wreck of a year. It effected Ayden Jane deeply to the point that her anxiety was through the roof, she was acting like a cornered animal behaviorally, panicky at every minor thing, having night mares, developed significant tics, and even her labs were getting screwy. We pulled her and placed her on medical homebound to get everything to settle.

Needless to say, this year HAD to start well. After the last month being home last year, a summer of pouring positive into her and rebuilding confidence and reteaching behavior, it HAD to start well.

So happy to say it has. Honestly, I don't know what exactly her academics have been these first couple weeks but I do know she is happy. She is confident. She is excited to go to school each day. She is communicating beautifully with her teacher and at home. She talks of friends and things she is doing with a smile and no worry. She can problem solve and not just melt down.

As far as energy goes, the first couple days were exhausting as expected. So much to process, so many new faces, new routines, new books. I imagine old fears were lurking. It zapped most of her energy the first 3 days but this second week she has done fantastic. When I pick her up she is silly and chatty and NOT tired. She's able to just be a typical kid. Can't ask for more than that.

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  1. Keep going! Do your best AJ.
    Reading this (for a few times now) really encourages