Saturday, August 4, 2018


I know it is cliche to say that summer is going by/went so fast! That's the truth though. I'm not saying there weren't days I thought might not ever end, but overall I am feeling the "I can't believe it is August!!" 

Summer brings reduced stress. Opportunity for camps and fun. Lots of swimming and boogie boarding and a bit of surfing. Lack of schedules. This summer, a return to horse back riding and learning to ride on her own.  Lots of laughter. Ayden Jane is refreshed and ready to tackle grade 5. 

On the medical side, labs are good. Eyes were checked and we don't return for a while. Scoliosis check will be sometime in the fall. Next trip to UFL for endocrinology the end of October. Pitolisant still waiting on the eap to help with the financial piece but importation still open until that happens.

We have managed to do a bit of reading over the summer but little to no math. I expect this year to definitely be a challenge for Ayden Jane. She learned things last year, but I just had the feeling they didn't quite sink in like they needed to and she will have to fill in a little bit shaky foundation as well as build on that foundation this year. 

One thing we typically do during the summer was skipped. No running. It has been a very hot and humid summer. Then came lots of camps. Then the past few weeks rain and storms.... I am still hopeful we will get back on the running trail. Mostly because it is so good for her and she is super motivated to be in great shape when we see Dr. Miller in October. It's going to be a challenge but I will do my best to get creative and find the proper motivation for her. Truth is, she is a decent runner. Somewhere along the way though, she has decided she's not able to do it. I miss that confidence she had before the struggle of last year and the illness of last winter. 

Her health has rebounded. Still hoping for the confidence to make a full recovery. Of course, she is at an age where that can be hard! 

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