Saturday, March 2, 2019

Schedules and Flexibility

Ayden Jane is having a fantastic year. I may say that at the beginning of every post because I will never get tired of typing that! I got such a kick out of her the other night as processed through a change coming up.

Her schedule so far this year was to have exploratory from 8-9 and then settle in to LA until recess time, somewhere around 11:30, give or take a few minutes depending on the day. So it is along academic block, but Ayden Jane has done fine with that. Recess and lunch puts them back into the classroom and hard at work from 12:30 - 2:30 for dismissal.

The change is simply to flip math and LA so that she will have math in the morning and LA after lunch. (and yes, social studies and science are in there as well, I'm just not exactly sure when) When Ayden Jane heard of the change her initial reaction was to get a bit upset. "But I'm doing so good! Why do they have to change things?" Ha, valid.

In the end, she asked me to be sure to include some math foods at breakfast (no clue what a math food is) and keep in mind she has LA after lunch so pack accordingly.  Sure kid. I'm on it. Hopefully she will have a great day Monday and will be 100 percent on board by days end. 

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