Monday, March 25, 2019


A few days ago we headed to Shriner's for a back check. We have been doing this for years and up until this trip Ayden Jane has mostly received good news. Her streak of strong and straight came to an end.

She did her thing with standing in the cool x-ray machine they have. It scans from the top down and the image comes up on the screen where I can see it. My heart dropped. What was once a slight curve was now a very obvious curve. I did my best not to panic Ayden Jane, saying it looked bigger but we will see what the Dr. says.

Doc came in and as I looked at the x-ray and heard the numbers. In the past 4 months her curve has gone from 11 to 26 degrees. The doctor continued to outline options and future. Night bracing. Daytime bracing. Surgery... I was trying to focus. All the while Ayden Jane was whispering in my ear. We will work hard. We can fix it. We did it before.... I put my hand on her leg and quietly told her we need to listen to the doctor right now. "Okay mom, but have FAITH. We will have everyone pray and Jesus will tell us what to do. He always does. He is faithful to take care of us. I'll just surprise the doctors again."

Now I'm not going to pretend that as she was picking out patterns and being measured for the brace that the reality of what's coming didn't bring forth a few tears. It was a roller coaster of a couple days, wavering from very worried she will be able to sleep in the brace to determined to straighten her spine so fast she won't even need it.

In the end, she is ready to fight. New running shoes were purchased and day one of running already accomplished. Contact was made to the amazing Mrs. Jen, her PT of old that helped her conquer a 23 degree curve at age 4/5. Lots of people praying that we will know just what to do and that Ayden Jane will have the strength and determination to do it. We return to pick up the night brace in 4 weeks.

In the end this song is what she is running to and the life she lives.


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