Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Come on Summer!

Soooo looking forward to summer.  Ayden Jane is finished with school and so excited to get to the business of swimming and surfing.  Of course, it has been the coolest, rainiest May I think I ever remember!  The ocean has warmed enough for Ayden Jane. (not me!)

Today I took AJ out to the beach to wear her out so she'd take a good nap before horses tonight.  She had so much fun.  She swam a while, attacking the waves.  A few knocked her over, but mostly she jumped them, dove under them (a trick she learned from Mckenna) and tried to kick them.  After a bit she wanted to take her 'surf' board and ride them.  I went in with her and helped her catch some great rides.  Another storm headed our way so we had to end the fun, but it was so cute to hear her ask if we can come to the beach every day.  YES!  That is my goal for summer.  As many beach days as possible!

As for just how Ayden Jane is doing physically, she is still a bit heavier than I would like.  Honestly, likely not built much different than my others, but I loved the super lean build she had last summer.  I am hoping that her levels of everything are continuing to normalize and that we can go back up a bit with gh.  She is still gooey a lot and needing naps again.

It has been fun to have her out of school and thus more interested, or maybe just more able to do school type activities with me.  It has been great to see her recognize and know the sounds of most of her letters and be able to recognize and put in order numbers from 1-10.  I know that is not genius status, but they are great skills for a kid still waiting to go to pre K.  With our busy schedule this spring, I really did not do much 'academic' with Ayden Jane so it is fun to see how much she has learned.

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