Monday, May 28, 2012

Swimming and More

So Ayden Jane's stamina has been gradually improving since the weather has become so nice.  We have been in the pool, at the beach, riding bikes...  Generally on the go.

Today AJ was up and ready for action early.  We were fed and on the beach by 9:30.  The waves were big enough to knock Ayden Jane back toward shore but not so strong that they totally wiped her out.  It was a great combination!  She could not get beyond the breakers so I did not have to keep telling her to come back in.  She took her boogie board and had wonderful time.  After an hour in the water and a little while building sand castles we were off to the pool.

Her swimming is doing great.  She can now get toys off the bottom up to 4 ft deep, swim comfortably across the 9 ft. deep end and I have her pushing off with her feet and gliding pretty far in preparation to start working on swimming strokes.  It is amazing how well she does in the water.  On land she works hard and can keep up.  In water she excels.  She is so comfortable in the water and something about swimming just makes her feel so good.

Wednesday I have her headed for a sort of evaluation to see if we can get her on a swim team.  Likely I will need to do some private type instruction for a bit, but hopefully she can join the group of 5 and 6 year olds.  (yes, she is only 4 but seriously, she is just good in the water!)  I asked Ayden Jane if she wanted to try it and she was so excited about being on a team.  I think she has just spent enough time on the sidelines!  She gets that this would be her team...

So, after 3 hours of beach and pool Ayden Jane was still going strong!  She had lunch and played around home with her toys for a bit then finally fell asleep.  After a bit of a nap she wanted to ride her bike to the elementary school and play on the playground.  It is about 3 quarters of a mile and she went strong.  She played and rode home with no trouble.

It was just such a great day.  It was nearly PWS free.  AJ was uninterested in food, in a great mood and played constantly.  Just an easy day.  Hoping for lots more of those with summers arrival.

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