Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fine Motor

I know that to the average person this does not look like much.  I have to say, however, to me it is the most beautiful picture EVER.  Ayden Jane drew it and as she drew she explained what she was drawing to me.  I took the picture sideways so you have to tilt your head so that the straight line is the bottom.

"This is the mouth, these are eyes, this is the nose, this is a forehead, this is the head, this is the hair and these are legs."

I can honestly say that this is Ayden Jane very first attempt to truly draw something.  Most of the time she just scribbles and moves on.  She just doesn't have the patience to take her time with drawing.  So much to think about holding the marker:  the right grip, how hard to push... much easier to just grab and scribble.

I chatted with her OT today and she says she has seen a big improvement in the past couple of weeks.  When asked if she wanted to write her name on whatever they did in OT apparently, for the first time, Ayden Jane responded positively and just asked for help.  Now, I will never know how much it is because of the glasses or just plain feeling better or getting back to school... but I honestly just don't care!!  Writing has been her biggest weakness so to have it coming in any form makes me happy.


  1. Hi Janet, Great picture! Just wanted to introduce myself. I live in New Zealand and my daughter Emily has PWS (UPD). She is 18months old. I also have an almost five year old daughter. I've been reading your blog for a while now and it has helped me so much! Its so great to see a kid with PWS doing so well, and all that you do to support her -amazing! Love that you blog so regularly don't know how you fit it in! Take care, Sarah McLarin

  2. What a sweet picture! Congrats to AJ on meeting such an exciting milestone. We always love hearing uplifting stories from families of children with PWS. Just wanted to let you know that we're sharing your blog post & AJ's picture on our Vanderbilt PWS Research Facebook page today.

    If you & your fans would like to check it out, you can view the post here: