Friday, October 12, 2012

Slow Down

I did not think it was possible for life to get busier.  Alas, it has...

Kayla has made it home a second time, this time for fall break.  Thought we were going to have to make the trip to Clemson to transport her, but a friend lent her their car for the low, low price of a trip to the airport.  Awesome!!

Noah is continuing through his senior year.  His life is a bit of a blur between school, work, college searching, training hard, going to colleges to train with teams and check out school... On the side he is an amazing brother to his little sisters and helps me out when he can.  Even though I don't rely on him often, I do rely on the fact that I can always count on him.

Mckenna has become our all around kid.  Currently she is taking art classes, playing soccer, singing in choir, involved in church youth.... pretty much everything she can possibly fit in.

Ayden Jane is getting pretty good at handling her full week of school, therapies and a soccer team of her own.  Not to mention being the classic younger sibling who goes to all the big kids games....  Luckily she loves to be on the go.  It is tough when she crashes though!  No middle ground with this kid.  Generally she is happy and nutty but when it turns, she is miserable and grouchy.

Just as an example of a couple days in the life of AJ.  Wed. she had OT, school, PT and then went to a pee wee football game MJ wanted to see then to take the dogs for a walk with Gary.  Thursday she had school and an evening soccer practice followed by an extra 45 min. on the playground.  Friday was school, the homecoming parade and the homecoming football game.  (Bed at 10)  Sat. she had a soccer game at 9, Mckenna a game at 11 and 4.  It just never stops.

I guess I would love it all if it would just slow down a bit and let us enjoy the ride...

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