Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break

Wow, spring break has flown by. The weather has been great and Ayden Jane has had a wonderful time. She has made it to the beach, we discovered the pool is warm enough to swim in and she has had fun with several friends.

Monday we return to school for 8 more weeks and I am looking forward to seeing continued gains academically for Ayden Jane. So many things are starting to fly together for her...

She is back to full strength or at least fully healthy. The other day as we were walking the dogs she decided to run home with Tucker. It was just about 200 yds from the house where she started running but it was so cute when I caught up with Sadie. Ayden Jane was calling to me, "Mom! See I really am all better. Even my air works again! I don't have to stop to find my air when I run." (I love how kids phrase things)

We talked a bit over break about an upcoming OSS run/walk in Spartanburg. Ayden Jane has declared herself capable of running the entire 5k. I'm not sure I'm convinced she can do it but I will give it a go with her. I asked her when she wanted to start training and she says Monday. We'll see... That will be her first day back at school after spring break, she has swim team and Mckenna has a soccer game. Well, maybe we can start the Monday after soccer season ends!

I think I will look for a couch to 5k program just to have a plan. If I can sell it to Ayden Jane as a plan from an expert ... it might alleviate some 'discussion' as to what and how much to run as we 'train'. Basically, Ayden Jane tends to set her sights super high and either push so hard and reach them she no longer enjoys it or gets very frustrated that she can't attain her own ridiculous goals and gives up.

I need to find a good way to incorporate the fitbit and I think a little friendly competition between herself and a friend will keep it fun. Her friend, K is working toward running his first 5k as well. Wish us luck! 

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