Friday, April 17, 2015

Training is Hard

We are learning that training is hard. Well, being a kid and having full active days - and training is hard!

Also, I am really trying to figure out shoes. I bought Ayden Jane new 'jump highers' (sneakers) since she had really worn down the old ones. I was thinking with starting to run and walk and 'train' it would be a good idea. She has really broken down the inside of her right shoe in particular. Now she is complaining that her ankles hurt when she runs. Mind you, she can run all over like a crazy child barefoot.  Hmmmm.  Maybe her legs are using the right muscles now and are sore? Maybe the shoes are not a good idea?

Once, a while ago, I think I remember Mr. Alan saying that if she is going to do some running she might need running shoes without her orthotics in? Am I crazy?

I just don't like the idea of making something that is really hard for Ayden Jane ... even more challenging.  I sent a message to the amazing Mrs. Jen and hopefully we can get to the bottom of it.

Today's training update is tears. Wanting to do well, hurting and not able to do it... Praying our next run will go well.

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