Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Great Disappearing Act

We finally had a beautiful day. We have waited for beautiful spring weather for quite some time around here. No, we have not had snow or crazy cold or anything. Just rain... Not flooding rains, just gloomy gray days that keep everything damp and yucky.

So what do kids do when the sun finally comes out? Play, play, play outside and lose their minds a little bit. Ayden Jane has some great new friends in the neighborhood. The kids all love to be outside and are full of energy. There have been a few times here and there where they have all ridden bikes and jumped on the trampoline and just generally had fun but it seems between busy schedules and and yucky weather it is always cut short.

Ayden Jane headed out to play about 11:30 after we got home from and Easter egg hunt. I asked AJ about lunch but she said she wasn't hungry. I could see them all out back on the swings and trampoline. Sometimes I could not see them but I could hear them nearby riding bikes or roller blades... Finally around 2:30 I decided since Ayden Jane was not interested in coming in to eat I would take her a keto candy and a cheese stick. Trouble was I could not see or hear them.

I headed down to the neighbors to see if they had slipped inside for a snack or something. Nope.

So on this first wide open beautiful SC afternoon of spring break the kids decided it would be fun to head to the playground. Only problem is, the playground is 0.8 miles away, out of our neighborhood and across a busy road. Oh, and did I mention the kids are 7, 6 and almost 5.... Yeah. Not a great idea!

They all made it back safely and definite rules are now in play so we do not expect any sort of a repeat performance!

My favorite part of the whole experience though was Noah's response. I was texting with him as he and Mckenna were off doing something together and asking me about it. I told him what was up and he reminded me that he did the same thing. Basically, yes, she needed to be reigned in and boundaries set ect.  But in the end he was pretty proud of his little sister for being a typical fearless kid who in the end, played outside for about 5 hours on the day.

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