Friday, August 21, 2015

Second Grade!!

Not the greatest picture but here she is. She is all set for second grade!! New backpack, new lunch box, new glasses, and of course, new shoes - without 'yellows!"

Ayden Jane had a great first couple of days. As I type, she is sacked out on the sofa because going back to school was exhausting! It will be a challenge to have school, after school activities, homework and time to play with her friends!

As far as school goes, she is in a regular second grade classroom. She will be pulled out to work on OT skills but other than that she is typical second grader. She does have an IEP, primarily so that she can receive OT, but also as a back up plan for her deficit - writing skills.

The plan with her teacher now is to just expect her to put in the extra work and effort to do all the same work as the other kids. At the same time, on things like homework, I can alter assignments a bit because, let's be honest, she NEEDS to do the activities like swim team and horses ect. So the plan is that we need to turn in homework every night but on things like - write a sentence with each spelling word, I can sometimes let her dictate some of them. Or when she needs to write her spelling words 3x's each, she can do some of the practice in shaving cream and I can just note the paper she turns in. We will see how it goes.

Ayden Jane has a friend sitting next to her. He is a boy she has known a long time and is super comfortable with (sort of like a brother or cousin type friendship). She doesn't need a lot of help, but gets frustrated when she can't open things or flip through things fast enough to keep up. She has informed me she really likes sitting by C. I guess it is always good to know the kid next to you has your back.

Her class has 10 boys and 7 girls and she goes to recess with a few of her friends from last year. All in all, I'd say she is ready for a great year and to meet some high expectations. I figure I might as well expect her to meet the high expectations because if I don't she will just surprise me.


  1. What's IEP? I like Reading your blog. My son has PWS and is doing great too

    1. Individualized Education Plan - IEP It's how schools here make sure students with disabilities have needs met.

  2. She will get the stress in the near future since she must do so much work as the second grade.

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