Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Second Grade Update

Wow I am overdue with an update.

First up school. Second grade is hard. Well, mostly it just doesn't leave time to settle in and get used to things before the academics really kicked in. Ayden Jane's little head is spinning with how, where, when, who, order of events in her day, new friends, new schedules, new....

I have to say she is handling it all quite well - better than expected as usual. When will I learn.

Her reading is her strong suit. Not that she is way ahead so much as she is on target and it is not hard or draining for her. Her comprehension is good and she just plain likes to read. Of course, handwriting plagues her still but she is working on it. Math has also stepped up a notch in second grade from first.

She really struggled at first with the math and started to concern her teacher. She tends to panic a bit when she doesn't understand something. Her teacher, Mrs. R, has been awesome... she pushes her through with encouragement and doesn't mind the mini meltdown. I have told Mrs. R to set the bar high and Ayden Jane will work harder than any second grader you've ever met to reach it. So far that has held true.

It is interesting with Ayden Jane. She trusts people who push her. I think she just knows somehow that people who expect a lot and push her to do things are pushing because they believe in her. She actually doesn't trust people who go too easy on her. She doesn't really like when people are too quick to help her. She gets very stressed in these settings and upset that they "don't think she can do it."

I will say, over all, Ayden Jane is learning to be a little less tuned into what others are thinking or searching for the hidden meaning in every word, expression or movement. It think as she learns to read things like tone and expression a little better she worries less about them. It struck me the other night that she hasn't questioned me about my expression lately. You know, "are you mad? Why do your eyes look like that? What are you thinking? Are you happy?..."

Shoes/yellows update tomorrow.  

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