Saturday, October 22, 2016

gh woes

Hurricane Matthew interupted (thanks to knocking out power) our gh prescription. Basically, Ayden Jane needed an increase in dosage which required a new Prior Authorization. We couldn't start the process without power and we had never had issues before so I was not too concerned. With the late start we then found out that the insurance was deciding to make it a challenge for the first time ever!

They did not want to agree with Dr. Miller's dose increase because Ayden Jane has not had an office visit with her in over a year. You see, our wonderful Dr. Clark who used to prescribe her gh and saw her every 6 months moved out of state. So, we decided Dr. Miller would be her only endo. We saw Dr. Clark in January before she moved in June and it was over the summer that Ayden Jane had the strange spurt of growth in so many ways... including a dropping IGF-1 (finally)

We did see Dr. Miller last October, but it was at the 5k. Honestly, she spent more time with her that weekend than she would in her office so I think it should totally count! And we decided to cancel her actual appointment because of that very reason.

It's all pretty confusing to me though, because whether or not Dr. M sees Ayden Jane with her eyes, her blood work is clear that she needs the increase. So.... grrrrrrr.

For now, Dr. M had pfizer send an intermim supply while she works on it.

So, what were the results in Ayden Jane of the lack of gh? Not fun at all. After just a few days. Low energy. Panicky. Rigid. Poor sleep.... It was obvious to her teacher at school as well. For me, it's just a little scary to realize how dependent Ayden Jane is on things like gh. Truly makes the difference between being a typical kid or not.

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