Thursday, October 6, 2016

Prepping for Matthew

Yes, I have been extremely slack with the blog lately. I will try to improve that but for now, the topic is Hurricane Matthew.

We are not evacuating and are not is a zone that HAS to go. I'd say about half the people in our neighborhood are still here so we are in good company. For us, Matt prep has consisted of cleaning out the garage and gutters - yes, it's needed to have been done all summer and it took a hurricane to make it happen.

I also cut the grass. Not because I was afraid long grass and a hurricane somehow make for dangerous conditions, but because it was really long and with another dose of water and time to dry out it might actually be a jungle I would need serious equipment to get through. All the outdoor furniture is no longer out doors. Okay, for us that means the plastic adirondack chairs are put away. It wasn't too strenuous.

I did prep food for Ayden Jane. I know we may lose power for a while and I need to have options that do not need to be refrigerated or heated. I went with cashew bread, cottage cheese muffins, hard boiled eggs (okay, I will have a cooler) and coconut bars. I also bought some beef jerky, nuts and even Kind bars. She should be set.

Ayden Jane decided she needed to play outside ALL day long because, gasp, it's going to rain for 2 straight days!! She has no idea what she will do with herself. Crazy kid. It was great though. Her friend from the other side of the neighborhood came down and the bounced and rode bikes and gary took them to the playground. She was filthy by days end so I know she had a great day.

School work has been put up as we have had mini vaccation from school since it was cancelled Wednesday through Friday. (and I has a suspicion it will be out Monday as well).

We may never get back on the soccer field with all the water monsoon season turned hurricane has brought us, but she is happy when she gets to play. It has been a super sweet group of girls and she has really enjoyed it. I can't say her soccer is impressive, but the friendships and social skills are doing well.

She is still swimming on the swim team and I have to say I am pretty impressed. She is getting much better in the pool. Her arms are coming well out of the water when she swims and she is proud of herself for swimming 100's.

Hopefully we will still have power most of tomorrow and I can fill you in on Ayden Jane's 9th birthday!

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