Friday, October 28, 2016

Senior Day at Wheaton

Such a great time watcbing Noah play in person one last time. It was the only game I was able to attend in his two years at Wheaton. (So thankful for the live feed on computer). Loved getting to meet some of his friends and their parents. Loved hearing him talk the entire game long as he directed and encouraged his team. Was able to see his first goal of this season (and possibly only) So great having the entire family there to cheer him on even in the cold, misty Wheaton weather. Ayden Jane watched the game intently and asked questions and cheered for her brother. So cute. Noah summed it up well, "it was a great senior day. We won 4-0, I scored and my whole family was here." 

We have watched Noah play soccer since he was a little, 4 year old boy. He played with such joy and watching him last night, he was having fun! That's how it should be. He was enjoying the gift of athleticism God blessed him with. He was enjoying the comraderie that goes with a tight knit team. He was thoroughly enjoying the game he has played his entire life, but with a peace that the end is near. It's been a great run and he is ready to transition to life without soccer. Hard to believe.

We also spent some time just hanging out and enjoying fall. Something we don't really have here in Pawleys. There are times as a parent you wonder if you are doing anything right. Okay, there are a lot of times as a parent when you wonder if you are doing anything right. Then days come along when you get to just watch your kids relax together and enjoy each other. You put aside the worry and just enjoy the amazing people they are turning into before your eyes. Each has there own challenges to conqueor and missions to accomplish and I have no idea where life will take them. I can say for certain, however, they are good people who know how to laugh, love, serve and be kind to others. Love them all.

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