Sunday, October 8, 2017

First of Many to Catch Up

I am so behind, which is a result of an out of control schedule! For my part, I am not keeping up with life well. My last post was a couple of weeks ago and the days have marched on by.

A couple weeks ago we had soccer in Columbia Sunday, then went to Greenville Thursday and Friday to see Shriner's for a scoliosis check and, of course, to visit Ellie. First up, the scoliosis check went well. I hoped for a reduction in the curve, but no such luck. They said that the curve has remained stable and seemed very pleased with that. I'm not super thrilled that she has even the 13 degree curve but if they docs are not worried I guess I shouldn't be concerned about it. For now we just continue to watch it. Back for another check in 6 months.

Hanging with Ellie was great. Her school was so kind to put on a carnival for us to enjoy together. Honestly, Ayden Jane really enjoyed seeing Ellie's school and doing all the rides and games with her. So fun to watch their friendship

We more or less recovered from all that fun and we were back on the road to Columbia for a soccer tournament for Mckenna. Mckenna played 4 games in under 30 hours... she was exhausted. Ayden Jane ran with the pack of younger siblings, enjoyed time at the hotel pool with a friend and just generally kept occupied and happy. We were all EXHAUSTED after the weekend but, of course, had to jump right back into the swing Monday morning.

It all caught up on AJ during the week and she had a rough one. I think the travel and eating out caused her gut to mess up which always seems to cause her behavior to mess up. Anyway, by the end of the week she seemed pretty good.

So that catches everything up until yesterday. We had Ayden Jane's game at 9 (which was less than her best performance) and then just stayed HOME for the rest of the day. It was wonderful. Then today it was back on the soccer road for the day. The games are fun and AJ does great but this momma is tired.

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