Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jump Highers (continued)

Yesterday, (yes, I always seem to operate a day behind) Jen came and worked out AJ in her new jump highers. It was FASCINATING.

First up we took AJ outside so Jen could watch her run. Not sure exactly what Jen was thinking, but she saw something she wasn't so sure about. For my part, I saw a kid who was doing her best, but was obviously still not used to those things on her feet! AJ said they felt good though.

In we came and AJ wanted to show Jen how good she can jump so we had to oblige. She jumped as usual and hopped very well. In some ways she seems very stable in the JHs and in other ways... very different.

Time to check the posture. Standing in her big girls her legs looked AMAZING. I just kept staring at them. (I was behind her) The best I can describe is that is was a very athletic stance. Significantly different. Jen used her big PT words that I don't even remember now, but when she uses the big words she is definitely impressed (or concerned).

It was funny to watch AJ as Jen had her do some activities because she would start to posture how she 'cheats' but the JHs wouldn't let her. Then she would over react to that so there was a bit of swaying going on. It looked a bit like she was on a boat!

Now here's where the trouble comes in. Ayden Jane still shows a definite left side weakness in her left arm. She was still dropping back the left shoulder and avoiding the left hand. Jen worked for a good while getting the left engaged and AJ looked much better.

What really showed up was when Jen put the 'clomper stompers' on her. We used to make them with coffee cans and string. Flip the can upside down and run string through holes and up to your hands as handles. Jen's were pretty, plastic and green, but the same thing. Ayden Jane can work the right foot perfectly. The trick is to be able to pull up with the hand and bend the knee, taking a step, at the same time. Ayden Jane simply can NOT use the left hand and left foot together! It was really amazing to watch. Such a hidden little piece of evidence of a still out of kilter neurological system.

Since the beginning of PT at 5 months we have seen evidence of the left side weakness, particularly above the waist, sort of come and go. For a good while, the left side was just about 2 weeks behind the right. It was very apparent when learning to crawl... It was just amazing to see it 3 1/2 years later, just in a different form.

So, we are excited to see how Ayden Jane does after she has some time to get used to the JHs. I think it was really surprising for me to see what a change in her stance they made.

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