Friday, September 30, 2011

Swimming = Sanity

Ayden Jane has been so out of control lately. Not really in a disobedient way, in a just cannot really control her little body way. (see previous post) So yesterday I went to pick her up from school and she announced as she climbed in the car, "Mom, can we go to the beach and the pool? I just need to go swimming."

Hmmm. I was pretty sure the water would be cold after all the rainy weather we have been having, but the sun was shining and I just decided the risk of it lasting 10 seconds was way better than the ensuing battle of trying to convince her it would be too cold. It was AWESOME. Ayden Jane jumped waves, played ring around the rosie... for at least 30 minutes before she announced that she wanted to go to the pool. Off we went and the pool was surprisingly not freezing as well. (I hesitate to call it warm) She wanted me to stand way out in the water and she swam back and forth, back and forth... Whew!

After we got home, she played calmly with her toys. She had great task attention. She was speaking clearly in complete sentences without stuttering. It was night and day. I don't feel like I can describe the difference with near enough magnitude. Gary and I just kept staring at her and each other. It was like a different child. The storm that had been raging inside of her was calm. She was in complete control of her body. Bizarre, awesome, miraculous. Those words touch on it.

Needless to say, we are working on an indoor pool for this winter!

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