Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sadie is our dog. We originally got Sadie because Mckenna was a so into animals when she was little. All the babies handed down by Kayla we left nakey, in a pile in the closet while the animals wore clothes and went everywhere with us. We had sort of promised a dog to the older kids too so we figured the time was right. You know, a dog for them to grow up with that would not necessarily be around super long after the house was kid free.

Sadie is an English Springer Spaniel. She is a GREAT dog. As it turns out though, Ayden Jane is the one who is sooooo attached to the dog. AJ feeds her and gives her water everyday. She also walks around the yard collecting sticks for Sadie. I know it is a little weird, but the dog does chew on them from time to time. AJ asks if Sadie loves her, which of course just means she wants me to tell her how much Sadie loves her... I don't know what it is between them, but it is awesome.

Problem is, Sadie is sick. We took her to the vet yesterday and they kept her overnight. She is still there. Ayden Jane spent yesterday telling me she was sick. She told her teachers at school she was sick with a fever, just like Sadie. At horses last night she kept asking me if Sadie would be home when we got back. She kept asking because she was hoping I would say yes...

At bed time Ayden Jane was worried about Sadie. She wanted to know how she would sleep and who was taking care of her. On the way to school this morning she wanted to know if we were going to get Sadie before we went to school. Amazing how much she thinks about her and misses her.

So how is Sadie? Well, she will be staying another day. Vet can't figure out what is up but she has been cleared for the big nasty things you worry about. Her fever is down and her white cell count is improving.

I am going to take Ayden Jane by the vets office on our way home from school in a bit. Maybe it will perk Sadie up and help Ayden Jane not worry so much. I do know that they have to figure this out because those 2 were just meant to grow up together.

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