Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Kayla and Ayden Jane in the tigers eye. It was homecoming and this was a huge tiger float.

Last Saturday we went to the Clemson football game. Some very nice friends gave us their season tickets for the game (since they couldn't attend) and we took our whole crew plus 1 off to the game and to see Kayla for the first time since she went left for college! As you can see it was a sea of orange and we bought our first orange shirts just for the occasion.

This place redefined the word loud.

Here are our girls enjoying the game. Go Tigers!

Kayla, Noah and friend post game. (and Gary's left arm)

Here is AJ rolling down the 'hill' in the stadium. The players run down it before the game and the students sit on it during the game, but after the game, it turns into a great play place.

Awesome trip and Ayden Jane was a real trooper.

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