Friday, October 28, 2011

I Like This Kid

Wow. It has been a heck of a week and Ayden Jane has been driving us nutty. She has had this cold way too long and although we were supposed to head to MUSC today for a genetics appointment, I decided it was time for the pediatrician. The cold lingered about 2 1/2 weeks. The first 2 days were nasty and then it settled and seemed to be mild and no big deal. Mckenna's cold ran the same course so no worries.

Then came the end of this week. AJ started a yucky cough... of a cold gone nasty. Now, I used to panic a bit when she seemed sick because so many PWS kiddo's don't show much in the way of typical symptoms and then when they head in to the doc are shocked to find out how sick the little ones are.

Hopefully this week will serve as a lesson to me as to what Ayden Jane's symptoms are! 1. Wanting tons of attention and seeking it by consistently making the wrong choice for behavior! 2. HUNGRY. She has been constantly asking for food. Not normal for AJ. 3. In capable of playing independently. 4. In 'overdrive'. She needed to sleep due to illness but somehow the illness had the opposite effect and she was classic overtired/wired. 5. panicky.

Enter antibiotic - my friend. She took a dose this morning and about 3:30 this afternoon, she slept.... and slept. 3 hours of off and on sleep, but mostly on. When she woke and ate supper she was like a different kid. We LIKE this kid. She even went out in the dark to swing on the swing set and sang to herself, "I swinging in the dark, dark night." She took a long bath by HERSELF and was as happy as a clam. She was patient and went to bed without any difficulty. She did not ask for any food. Who knew 1 dose of antibiotic could work such wonders!

Now the science geek in me wants to solve why does being sick make AJ, well (just gotta say it like it is) very PWS like. Hungry/food seeking, behavior problems, poor sleep, anxiety driven. Definitely need to mull that one over.

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  1. Interesting. When A~man is getting sick the clue in is he is more focussed, calm, and well behaved. Especially when he was little. Now he is able to tell us if he doesn't feel well or something hurts. I remember so many times going to the dr with only a hunch something wasn't wrong only to find he had brochiolitus(sp?) or a raging ear infection. I hope AJ feels better soon!!