Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Ayden Jane is adjusting to my return to work, well for the most part. She does ask a lot of questions about what she is doing 'today' and what I am doing 'today'. She keeps close track of who is picking her up... Last Friday, at the end of my first week (okay, week with me working) she was exhausted and bailed on going to school. Instead she fell asleep for a bit in the morning and then we went to walmart to do some grocery shopping.

This week I worked Tue., then Wed. morning she balked at going to school. We went but were a little late. As we walked to the door AJ fell to pieces and started to tell me she had a headache and needed to go home. NEVER has she wanted to leave school. I think it was a bit of panic as we got to the door and they were all in circle... not the way it looks most days when she gets to school. I just took her down the hall and had her tell me the names of her friends. (their pictures were above their hooks) Then I told her if she did not feel well we could go home but we would be going to bed and I would have to call Jen (PT) and tell her AJ was too sick for her to come. Ayden Jane had gathered herself and she immediately told me she was not sick any more and she trooped off to class. Whew.

After school we came home and had soup and cleaned up a bit. Ayden Jane was... well I could call it goofy or I could call it difficult or I could even just call it down right disobedient. Mostly, I think she was just looking to get my attention. My full attention. Every second of my attention. Hmmm that working thing maybe? I chose the play into it and give her lots of extra silliness route and she came right around.

Jen came and Ayden Jane did awesome for her. Jen first got her up on the big exercise ball and worked some serious strength and balance stuff then she moved to some fine motor stuff. This video is AJ working on learning to cut. I don't think you can see it, but she was opening and closing her mouth along with the scissors. It was hilarious!

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