Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adenoids and Orthotics

Next week will be sort of the grand finale of the summer, medically speaking.

Monday adenoids come out.  I was sort of prepping Ayden Jane for Monday.  It is always a little tricky, as with any kid, to determine how much to explain ahead of time.  You know, how much do you talk about it so that they are ready without overdoing it and making them worry for the week?

I started with this, "Dr. White says he needs to take out your adenoids because they are too big and making your nose stay all stuffy."  AJ was a little unsure of this and we talked about where adenoids are and how he is going to take them out.  AJ was a little panicky for a moment as she asked, "is he going to cut through my neck?"  I told her no, he can reach them with your mouth open and will just pop them right out.  With the panic in her voice gone she wanted to know if he would use a big knife or a little knife. 

That was a few days ago and I just left it at that.  We brought it up again today and she just explained to me what Dr. White is going to do and why he needs to do it.  I went for phase 2.  "The hard part for you, Ayden Jane, is that on Monday when we go to the hospital to have the adenoids out you can't eat breakfast. You will have to wait until we are all done with Dr. White before we have anything to eat."  AJ tried asking if she could have just a few nuts or a piece of dark chocolate.  After she got used to the idea and I assured her she could eat after (I know, I will deal with the fall out from that later) she told me, "Don't worry Mom, I can handle that.  I can wait for breakfast 'til after."  The kid amazes me the way she takes all this medical stuff in stride.

Then today during PT Jen took a look at Ayden Jane's feet.  She feels that we should head for another year of orthotics.  AJ still tends to need a little support to keep herself in good alignment.  The great thing is that school totally lends itself to making use of them.  Ayden Jane hates shoes.  She rarely wears any during the summer which is likely a good break and a chance to strengthen the intrinsic muscles.  I expect it will be just as cool this fall as it was last to see her run and move in the new orthotics (once we get them made) and shoes.  Maybe I can come up with some words to describe the difference I see when we get them.  Any way, appointment is made with Mr. Alan next Friday.  Oh, and yes, AJ is sooo excited to see Mr. Alan again.  I feel like she should be voted most likely to have an imaginary friend whose name starts with Dr.

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  1. Oh, what feeling this would be without having breakfast?