Monday, July 9, 2012

Words and Details

Kayla and I have talked recently about Ayden Jane's love of words and details.  To some extent I think the two are connected, but I will see if that comes out after I write my way through the thoughts.

Just this afternoon Ayden Jane has latched onto the words poyannoyed (paranoid), disaster and 'oh my gracious'.  It is comical.  She spilled something, "oh my gracious Mom, you won't believe this disaster."  Then   she described her room, quite appropriately as a disaster.  I am not exactly sure why these words came out when she was playing with Mckenna but here they are, "Oh my gracious Mckenna, you are so poyannoyed."  After all the attention she got (in the form of laughter) over the word poyannoyed she continued to use it in all sorts of ways the rest of the afternoon.

She also notices the words that we use and asks what they mean.  She is just taken with words.

Details are her other favorites.  She has taken to asking people their whole name, if they have kids/brothers or sisters, pets...  Then wants to know all about the pets.  She remembers many of the details.  When we go to a new place AJ notices everything.  Things she recognizes, things out of place and things that are new.  I often find her asking questions about things I did not even notice, because I just automatically screen them out.  It makes it easier for me to focus on the things that 'matter'.  Ayden Jane does not seem to have that ability.  Well, right away anyhow.  She just has to get through her survey and get comfortable with things and then she can focus on the task at hand with no trouble.

Then there is wanting to know the details of how we arrived at every decision.  Why did we buy that bag of dog food?  Because the bag is blue?  Because it is their favorite?  Why did you pick that size?  Because we have 2 dogs so that's how much we need?  Why did we go to this store... Why are we having spaghetti (don't worry, AJ eats quinoa for noodles) for supper?  How do you make it?  Why is the sauce this color?  What would it taste like if it were purple?  The concept of a 'decision' just being a simple choice with no big reason behind it escapes her.  As I write this the computer 'dinged' to tell me I had a new email.  Ayden Jane asked what that noise meant.  I told her I got a new email.  She asked what was it about?  I told her somebody wanted to sell me something I don't need.  She had to know what?  I told her raspberry ketones. She wanted to know what they were......  Conversation ended with I don't know any more so you have to stop asking questions. Her answer?  Why don't you know any more, your big? (pause)  I know, all done talking about it.

Some of it is obsessive something, but some of it is honestly wanting to know.  She remembers the answers (of course, that doesn't mean she doesn't ask again) and is tuned in.

I guess, I wonder sometimes if it is exhausting for her.  I like quiet and space and can't imagine what it would be like if the world were sort of always one volume LOUD.  She handles it well and, as long as she can talk to herself she can get lost in play.  She doesn't seem to have attention issues as far as she can start and finish a project but I wonder what it would be like to HAVE to be tuned into everything all at the same time.  No wonder the kid needs a ton of hugs and to talk through things during the day.


  1. Oh my goodness! You could insert my son's name in for AJ's...he is EXACTLY LIKE THAT. He is also HILARIOUS I joke he is like a young Jim Cary. (including the obnoxiousness at times ;)

  2. I was exactly like that too :D

    I was diagnosed with ADHD, so attention issues probably play a part (asking over and over may be an attention thing : short term memory was my weakness as a child, so asking again and again was my way to memorize well the answer).
    With Ritalin, it helped me with short term memory. I don't absolutely intend that it will be the same for AJ, it is only my personal experience and it may not suit AJ's needs.

    I would say, honestly, that when I am like that, I need hours and even days to exhaust myself.

    Does AJ have short term memory issues ?
    Does AJ process sounds correctly ?
    Also, does she hear correctly ? (I have a Single Sided Deafness, neurisensorial. Due to inner ear malformation. It was diagnosed when I was a teenager)

    Attention deficit can also be without hyperactivity. I mention that because you mention about attention issues.
    ADD is more difficult to diagnose than ADHD (hyperactive and combined). It explains why it looks rarer to have ADD (or ADHD inattentive type) than ADHD (hyperactive and combined).

    Just my two cents, and they worth what they worth.