Sunday, July 22, 2012


Wow, I am so far behind with writing lately.  It must be summer...

So, the results of the immunology lab work showed that Ayden Jane responded properly to some of the vaccine for bacterial infection however much of it showed she is very minimally protected and some even showed she is not protected at all to some strains of bacterial infection.

I took the results to our pediatrican and we decided to go ahead with the revaccination.  Just figured that it could only help to try to build immunity before we headed into a hospital for surgery.  The reaction to the shot was impressive!  The shot site became red and swollen and hard.  At it's largest it covered most of her thigh!  She was miserable and feverish 3 days later.  I think it is just really hard to get her immune system to kick into gear!

Results of the sleep study were good.  Ayden Jane has about an 'event' an hour but does not desat during them.  Also, he said that they are not obstructive in nature so there is just no reason to take the tonsils.   All in all, good for me to know as we had never done a sleep study before even though apnea issues in PWS are very common.

So adenoid removal is scheduled for next Monday.  Should be pretty quick and uneventful as surgeries go.  It will be done out patient and Gary will be home the night after so we are good.

Follow up blood work for the immune issues will be done the middle of August so hopefully at that point AJ will have good protection from bacterial infection and be better able to drain the sinuses.  Just might make it a better winter this year!

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