Sunday, July 29, 2012

Preparation, Not an Exact Science

Ayden Jane will have her adenoids out tomorrow.  Obviously we need to prep her for the day, but it is more of an art to know how much to talk about it.  She was doing great with the thought, as carefree and confident as she was with all other doctors appointments...  Then came today.

She was not horrible, but she started to show some nervousness.  It totally came out as talking repetitively and getting slightly panicky over things that are just not normally stressing to her.  At about 5:30 she declared  it time to go to bed so she could wake up and go to the hospital.  Basically, I think she knew she just couldn't think about it any more...

Luckily, Mckenna was at a birthday party and we needed to go pick her up so distraction was provided!  Once we came back it was off to dreamland pretty smoothly.  Hopefully, the morning will go smooth as she has been prepped for the fact that she cannot eat or drink ANYTHING for breakfast.  It will still not go over well.  Not so much a PWS issue as we don't really have many food issues, just a kid who loves her breakfast.

About the same time Ayden Jane is finishing up her surgery, Noah will stepping on the field to play in the finals of the US Club Soccer National tournament.  Sooooo wish I could be in 2 places at once!!!

Hoping and praying it turns into a day to remember all the way around!

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