Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FPWR Conference - The Home Front

Noah did an awesome job of taking care of his little sisters so we could head out to the conference.  I have heard a few stories that show he is a bit of a genius when it comes to managing life with Ayden Jane.  Here's one example:

Ayden Jane was sooooo excited that Noah was going to take her to Harby's  (Arby's)  When we travel for soccer it is Noah's favorite place therefore AJ likes it too.  While they were there Ayden Jane was so excited about it being Noah day.and having gone to basketball practice with him... that she was rather distracted.   Apparently when they were eating she was taking FOREVER and Noah was ready to move on.  Ayden Jane did not want to hear about taking the rest of her apples in the car...  What is one to do?  It's not worth a melt down to force this issue.  So,  Noah was messing with his phone and told Ayden Jane that Tucker texted him and really wanted them to come home fast and give him a treat.  Ummm.  Tucker is the dog.  Ayden Jane loves Tucker and it is her job to feed, water and treat him.  She bought it in a flash!  Now, I'm not saying lying to his little sister should be a consistent habit, but I think the genius of the maneuver out weighs the method.

The morning after Noah day, Ayden Jane was off to Mrs. J's house.  All reports were good and that AJ had a great time and was really easy on Sat.  One problem was sleeping,  Well, more like lack of sleeping...  Apparently AJ woke up at 1 AM and went in and asked Mrs. J, "what time can I get up."  J told her 6.  Back she went at 2 AM and said, "Is it 6 yet?" Repeat pretty much every hour to half hour until 6...  Somehow Ayden Jane hung in there though and made it through church and a soccer game (playground time) and had a great time.  I am so thankful for people like Mrs. J who willingly take on the challenge of Ayden Jane...

Noah put Ayden Jane to bed on Sunday night and we returned before she woke up.  It was so very cute Monday morning how excited she was to see us :) 

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