Monday, November 19, 2012

Pharma NAC

While at the conference we heard Dr. Miller talk about a supplement for low glutathione levels.  Yea, I have no clue what a glutathione level is either but apparently it is sort of important.  It is linked to obsessive/compulsive behaviors like hair pulling and skin picking in PWS.  I guess they have had some luck with it in helping to treat addictions as well.  Now, we are very happy that we do not deal with any of those things with Ayden Jane.

We also heard, however, that it is a supplement that is used in people with cystic fibrosis because it is somehow linked to inflammation of the airway.  It is also known to loosen and break up the gunk that resides in that tract.  All things that I would have paid dearly for last winter when Ayden Jane was such a mess. Because it helps immune function and respiratory system, it can break the cycle of repeated bacterial infection.  Again, where was this stuff last winter???

Ayden Jane just finished day 3.  So far I'd say I am hopeful.  When we returned from the conference Ayden Jane was a very gooey mess.  I am pretty sure that the cats at Mrs. J's were the culprits for clogging her all up, but her poor drainage ability was basically letting it all just sit there.  I'd say she has blown her nose successfully better than I ever remember since we started this stuff on day 1.  She is nearly silent when sleeping.  (Not that she snores a ton, but she definitely did when clogged up.)

I also think that there is an increase in her energy.  The first night she was up until 11 pm!!  Day 2 was marked by a long, involved wrestling session and the going-so-fast-she-kept-crashing-everything routine.  Day 3 she skipped a nap and kept energy going.  She is also choosing to more or less skip lunch!  The best part of that is she is doing so without the big lull in activity that has always come after being active a while and sort of running out of fuel.

Way too soon to say what part/if the Pharma NAC is responsible for the changes, but my gut says that it is, at the very least, reducing the inflammation in her sinuses and calming her immune system.  Sort of giving her a fighting chance of clearing things out.  In the process there may be a bit better respiration going on as it is just way easier to breathe!  I also think it is responsible for quieter sleep.  Even though AJ does not deal with it, I wonder if it would help with obstructive sleep apnea?  (google search shows a bit of hope it might)

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  1. That's awesome that it's working for you guys! We are not having the same results. Dean currently has a sinus infection that is heading south. Oh well, it was worth a shot.