Thursday, November 8, 2012

One More Day!!!

Yes, in one more day Gary and I will be checking out of Pawleys Island and heading north to the FPWR conference.  You heard that right!  Both Gary AND I will be leaving with NO, that's ZERO children.

Sadly, I cannot remember the last time that Gary and I spent a night at home childless let alone EVER went out of state childless since Kayla was born.  (yep, 19 years!)  You'd think that I was heading to Hawaii or something, but getting to head off to the conference is jackpot enough for us.

Now, prepping to pull off this very feat is a bit challenging.  The plan is for Noah to take care of the girls Friday/Friday night then pass AJ off to the infamous Mrs. J (Ayden Jane's preschool teacher from last year.  I told you St. Peter's is awesome!!) for Sat. and much of Sun.  Then Noah will pick her up, bring her back home for the evening and put her to bed here.

Okay, that is the basics of the logistics.  Then there is packing food for Ayden Jane, supplements (deciding which ones do deal with) training Noah to handle her shot and just general AJ stuff.  You'd think I would be nervous, but Noah is totally up for the challenge and Mrs. J knows AJ well.  We are just gonna plan our best and head out!

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