Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Day (or 2) of Eating Like Ayden Jane

Well, apparently I had comments waiting to be moderated.  Who knew?  Mostly they were questions from a few posts back what Ayden Jane eats these days.  Well here goes.

Breakfast:  We learned early on not to mess too much with breakfast...  Every morning starts with ketochocolate.  These are home made and are basically coconut oil, a bit of butter and cocoa powder sweetened with stevia.  Ayden Jane checks in with me in the morning to be sure it is time to get up and then heads to the freezer.  This keeps her happy for a while so I can wake up!  Once it is time for me to make breakfast it always starts with 1/2 an avocado with a bit of honey and cinnamon.  I know it sounds gross, but Ayden Jane takes all her carnitine, iron and even prebiotic mixed in there and never complains.  She also eats a slice of cheese, 'spoons' of pnut butter, almond butter and coconut oil.  Yep, right off the spoon.  She gets to pick a fruit which varies according to what I have on hand.  She also takes pharmaNac so that's her drink and sometimes she also has added water or almond milk.  Lastly, 1 scrambled egg.  I know it's a LOT, but this kid is averaging 1600 calories a day!  (or she was last summer when really active)  In the end, if you look at it there are lots of sources of good fat in the coconut oils, almond butter and avocado.  Some protein sources from egg and cheese and carbs in her fruit.

She has lunch at school... Today I packed egg salad, coconut bar (a keto recipe), a keto candy, celery with ranch and almond milk.   Generally the same format every day:  chicken salad, egg salad, hard boiled egg ect; almond milk, keto candy, fruit or veggie and often coconut.

Late afternoon snack at school (they eat lunch at 10:45) is pretty much always almonds, walnuts, a few chocolate chips and blueberries.

Afterschool snack today was 'spoons' and coconut bar.  She has these a lot because the spoons are fast and she and can take the bar with her and head off to play with the boys.  Oh, and today she also had a clementine with the boys.   

Supper she had grilled chicken and grilled onions and peppers.  (she eats the least at supper) Generally I try to have her eat whatever we all eat minus the grains.  So, hamburger bunless, taco shelless, meat and veggies without the rolls or potatoes... you get the picture.

Each day she gets a bit of unsweetened applesauce to get the second dose of carnitine in.

I have found the keto recipes to be awesome.  They taste really good (I was surprised) and if I use them as the base for the meal, then I can adapt the rest to everybody.  Example is if I make keto pancakes the others can use syrup and Ayden Jane gets an alternative.  Having thing like the coconut bars and keto chocolate make it easy to hand her good fats.

So, no grains, no sugars, just good nutrition packed food and remembering fat is her friend.

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