Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Yesterday the boys, C and C who hang with us after school a few days a week, went to the house a couple of doors down from us to play with 2 more boys, J and J.  (no this is not a math word problem)  The name of the game for the afternoon was kickball. 

So I began to realize as I watched it all unfold, that we have culturally deprived Ayden Jane.  She has legitimately not ever seen a baseball or kickball game.  She had no clue what bases were, what order you ran them in or even the point of the whole game for that matter!  Didn't slow her down.  She was placed on a team and told she was 'up.'  Kicking a moving ball is not her talent, that much we learned.  The boys were so patient telling her what to do but it was hilarious as they wanted to explain every inch of the game complete with the intricacies of playing a man down. 

So what happened?  First 'bat' she proceeded to dribble the ball like a soccer ball to first base!  Oh the neglect from her parents...  The boys were so great and patient with her.  In the end she sort of stopped the pitched ball and then kicked it and ran.  Whew.  First base.  Navigating the bases after that had it's own challenges.  When do you run?  More importantly, when do you stop?  It was hilarious.

I tried to help a few times but I was basically told I knew nothing of this complicated new game so just go away.  Okay, not really, she just wanted to hear it from the experts on the matter, J and J.  The boys were AWESOME with her.  They repeated and waited and never got frustrated.  I am not sure Ayden Jane is totally up for a kick ball tournament at this point, but it was fun to watch her communicate and learn from her friends. 

So glad my Ayden Jane is blessed with families that have raised great kids.

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