Tuesday, October 8, 2013

MCT oil

A few parents of kids with PWS have researched, checked with their doctors or dieticians and decided to try MCT oil for their kiddos.  We gave it a go as well, starting at a very low dose for her size ect.  I wanted to give it a fair shot and not just a day or two so we slowly worked our way up until we were at 1 tsp per day. 

What did I decide?  Not good for Ayden Jane.  I don't understand exactly how it is supposed to work internally but I know that it is derived from coconut oil.  I figured if Ayden Jane does great on coconut oil then she should do super on MCT.  Also, I had heard a few other parents have great success with it.  I found that Ayden Jane has significantly less energy and stamina on MCT.  I tested it a few nights with our 5k training.  She was able to run and walk much less.

I also found her to have less focus and be oppositional.  I mean more oppositional that usual :)  She had homework to do and it was an all out war.  It has never even been a small battle before.

She was tired and slept more.  She was hungry.  She typically is not hungry.  I know that sounds strange to say of a kiddo with PWS, but she would rather play most of the time.  She gained a bit of weight on the MCT. 

Any good stuff? Yes.  I think her conversations were deeper.  I know she was able to memorize longer songs.  There is something to it, but Ayden Jane cannot handle it. 

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