Friday, October 11, 2013

Sometimes a Very Odd Life

Contradictions is not really just the right word but it is all I can come up with.  Yesterday was a perfect example of how parenting a medically complicated or special needs child can have such contradictions going on in the same day.

I spent the morning at the lab getting blood drawn.  There were some mix ups so I had to recall what labs and why and fill in the pieces.  Ayden Jane?  Well they were fasting labs so she sat and waited while quite hungry.  She was pale but being such a trooper as always.  After that there were conversations with Dr. Miller and a friend about concerns of lab work and high ketone levels and what does it all mean.  What long term concerns should I have if any.  What does the realization of just how easy Ayden Jane goes into ketosis with a meter reading of 3.9 mean?  How do I keep her safe?  Lots of email and few texts and a several labs to discuss.  It was stressful and the stakes were high and it all seemed so very urgent and overwhelming.

Then evening rolled around and Ayden Jane had a soccer game with her friends.  She is, after all, just a Kindergarten kid.  We followed it all up with a trip to Chik fil A for school spirit night and homework all such 'normal' kid stuff.  She was silly and fun and did a great job reading her book before bed.

So, a day of huge, urgent, overwhelming, ground breaking things right along side adorable, typical, relaxed, fun stuff.  It is sometimes a very odd life.

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