Friday, September 5, 2014


Not going into details, but there have been some... ummm, challenges that our family is facing unrelated to PWS.  Yea, I know!  Surprisingly, other stuff happens in our lives too.

This evening was a rare treat. We had nothing else going on and Gary and I took Ayden Jane to the beach.  We were there a long while and I saw this rainbow up in the clouds. The sky was bright and the weather was beautiful. Far in the distance you could see a bit of a storm brewing and this rainbow was just out ahead of it and barely visible because the sky was so bright.  I had to zoom in and hope it would show up on the photo.

Over time the storm grew slowly closer. As the backdrop of grey from clouds and rain formed thicker behind the rainbow, it caused us to be able to see the rainbow more clearly.  More defined. More solid ahead of the storm.

Finally, we were chased off the beach because the wind was getting strong and cool, and the impending storm was close. This is the point, though where you couldn't help but stare at the rainbow. It held strong as it's colors shown bright 

On this day, I could not help but thank God for his promises. His promises that stand true in sunny weather and when the storms rise. He is there when things are good, but sometimes it is harder to see Him because we are enjoying life.

As the storm approached and the sky got darker it seemed as if the rainbow was staying out ahead of storm. Like the rainbow was guiding the storm and maybe even had the power to calm it.

In the end, as the winds blew and the ocean became rough and even the birds seemed to be uncertain, the rainbow shone calm and bright and strong, unwavering from the weather around it.

I choose to trust in God's promises of provision. God has provided for us on many a clear sunny day. I don't often remember to thank Him or, sadly, even notice often enough, but I know it is true. One look at the incredible people our kids have become and I know God has been there through many sunny days.

He provided in countless ways when  Ayden Jane was tiny and a horrific storm enveloped our family and our world was crashing - strength beyond measure. As Ayden Jane grew and I had so much to learn - wisdom and discernment. As the strain of me not working mounted - financial provision. As the minutes turned to hours turned to days turned to years - patience. As our little family pulled together under His guidance - love.

I hold onto His promises and am so thankful for the rainbows. I am thankful they stand out during the storms and I will be sure to look hard and find them when the sun comes out again.

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