Monday, September 8, 2014

Visiting Noah


It was a beautiful day for a trip to see Noah at Coker.  Ayden Jane was very excited and so was Noah! We arrived quite early, just as the team was beginning to warm up. Noah jogged off the field and was greeted by Ayden Jane running toward him.  So sweet for a momma to watch. Giant hugs and giggles.

I don't have pictures (but I should) of the surprise Ayden Jane received that same night. Kayla and Allie came from Clemson to watch the game with us. I had not told AJ they were coming. At first it was because I wanted to be sure it was going to happen. Later, because I did not know when they would arrive and did not want to hear the constant, "can you text them and see how many more minutes?"

It was a fun evening of soccer watching, chasing and playing on the sidelines and visiting with Noah at Zaxby's after.

I wish the picture was more clear, but it was so cute as Ayden Jane ran across the field to get Noah after the game just like she had done for years. She held his hand for a little while as they walked and she just looks so little next to him.  Holding a hand seems like such a simple little thing, but it is one place we have always seen/felt AJ's sensory oddities.  When little she would absolutely NOT let you hold her hand. It made for interesting parking lot navigation! Now, she occasionally reaches and holds your hand for as long as she can stand it. Know if she takes your hand you are special!

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