Monday, September 1, 2014


Last Wednesday, the day after Ayden Jane had been sick, she had a great day at school.  She stayed all day and when she got home she had a quick snack and then PT for an hour.  After PT she trooped off to her room to play a bit before 5 and I woke her at 5:30 for supper.  We were going out to a little local place.

Her snack had been at three so it had been two and a half hours since she had eaten. I could hardly wake her. She typically wakes up freakishly fast like you just flipped the light switch so I knew when she did not pop up to go to the restaurant that something was up.  Honestly, my first thought was that she had gotten into a sugared drink or something. So far she hates the way she feels if she eats sugar so I haven't really had to worry about that, but we all are sort of just waiting for the hyperphasia to set in.

I kept trying to wake her.  She was super groggy but finally made her way down the hall.  Then the eyes rolled back, she lost balance and hit the floor.  I helped her to the sofa and tried to talk to her to see if she knew what was going on. She sort of did but mostly just wanted to go to sleep.

I checked her blood sugar and ketones.  She was at 72 for blood sugar which is not considered very low for most people but is obviously too low for Ayden Jane.  Her ketones were 5.8.  I don't really know that much about ketones but Dr. M told me to keep them under 4.  Whoops!

Now that I knew what was going on I just needed to get her to eat something.  JUST... I actually had to convince her, bribe her and finally force her to eat something.  It really was remarkable how quickly she became alert and reasonable after she took a bite or two.

In the end I am pretty sure that the problem was a result of the illness. I believe her body was just working really hard to recover and that plus school plus PT just required more fuel.

Now, as to why she refuses food when her sugars get low and ketones high?  I have no idea.  Why she did not ask for a snack but instead chose to curl up and go to sleep?  I have no idea. What I do know is that Momma needs to pay attention for her after she has been sick.  Don't even want to think about how far out of range she would have gotten if I had not woken her.

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