Thursday, October 16, 2014

Parent/Teacher Conference

The first quarter of first grade is coming to a close. Not sure how that is possible, but it does bring on time for parent/teacher conferences. I was a little nervous for Ayden Jane's; not sure why. Just as background, yes, Ayden Jane does have an IEP, but it is solely for the purpose of receiving OT. She does not have any other support and is a typical kiddo in first grade with a few quirks that deals with a lot of medical crap with style.

The numbers stacked up like this. Her standardized testing which is a 'MAP" score done on computer placed her as average and low average with percentiles in the 40's. Of course I would rather not see 'low average' written on things, but since the word average is on there I am good with it!! Yep, not one area was labeled low or below average.  Woot!

Next up was the running record. AJ"s school uses the Fountas and Pinnell running records for reading as a way to track reading level. Ayden Jane finished last spring as a level C. She is now sitting at a level E. I'll take it!

Teacher feels that Ayden Jane 'gets' the math they are doing. She just is sure to position herself next to AJ during teacher directed activities because AJ will decide she knows what she is doing and try to work ahead. The problem comes in when Ayden Jane takes off and is wrong she is one tough kid to reel back in!

Her teacher is concerned about the quality of Ayden Jane's handwriting because she feels the second grade teachers will not accept it and will melt AJ down over it. I told her that I am not too worried about that because she is writing letters now quickly and the quality of her sentences is excellent. She is able to come up with good, grammatically correct sentences. She can spell phonetically and come quite close to the correct spellings. She is spacing between the words all the way through the sentence and it is all a fairly smooth process. I asked her to just keep doing what she is doing because I see huge improvements. I just really think that if we can keep the ability to put thoughts on paper flowing, we can clean up the quality of the handwriting in time.

Mrs. C says that Ayden Jane is always happy, never a behavior problem, works hard and listens intently. Nope, can't ask for any more than that.

The only other thing of note she added is that when she works one on one with Ayden Jane, that is when she sees just how much Ayden Jane is picking up in school and how smart she is. I just love that Mrs. C sees the smart little brain in there even when her ability to express what she knows is compromised.  

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