Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Busy - Life's Theme

This fall is racing by. Ayden Jane is doing great in school and she is participating in several after school activities.  She is one happy, busy little first grader.

Mondays she has school, of course, and then swim team for an hour. It is a great little group of kids and the coach does about 15 - 20 minutes of a 'land' work out with the kids first and then they swim for about 45 minutes. Ayden Jane is the youngest and she is doing great.

Tuesdays she still has hippotherapy (therapeutic horse back riding). She has been going to the barn since she was 18 months old. She works hard on the horse doing lots of strengthening exercises and really loves when she gets to jog.

Wednesday she has soccer practice for her little rec soccer team. She does her best and is improving. She has a long way to go before you could call her a soccer player, but she runs around and has fun so it's all good.

Thursday she has her other day of swim team.

Add in there a couple of dog walks or bike rides or trampoline time or playgrounds or beach time and we manage to keep her pretty active.  She is of the mindset that the busier the better so off we go.

Instilling the idea of daily exercise has been a great benefit to Ayden Jane. Since she is a routine kid she does not feel that any day is complete unless she has had some exercise! What I notice is that daily exercise keeps her energy level high and her brain sharp.

I know, it's just like so many other things for her dealing with PWS. It is actually true for all of us that we would feel better, think better, sleep better and be happier if we committed to daily exercise.  It's just that our typical bodies can cheat on that and still get by.... No pass for Ayden Jane, but she doesn't mind. She thinks it's wonderful that we take long walks together or bike rides or that we  'have' to get exercise. She uses this need to get time with me, her Dad or her siblings - but of course we don't mind.

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